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Meet Scott Fishman

My name is Scott Fishman and I help people maximize performance. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a coach, it’s this – if you’re serious about your goals, then you should be serious about your training.

I also know that doing it on your own is tough. Which is why I’ve built a training company that’s helped hundreds of athletes on six continents achieve serious goals.

Here’s how.

Training programs, customized.

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About Scott Fishman's Custom Training Methodology

Most so-called “training experts” say: “To succeed with training, all you need to do is great workouts.”

If only it were that easy…

I learned the hard way that there’s a lot more to training than “great workouts”.

Our training programs are customized to your specific goals and lifestyle to maximize results. No gimmicks or fads. Just customized training that works.

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AllWorldU Founder Scott Fishman

About AllWorldU

AllWorldU was founded by Coach Fishman, an internationally recognized training expert.

After trying nearly every workout, Coach Fishman finally found the golden ticket with a method he launched in 2006. He created AllWorldU to help people achieve goals and teach life lessons.

Since launching AllWorldU, some of Scott’s clients include doctors, trainers, coaches, professional athletes, and many more. AllWorldU is now one of the most popular custom training methods online.

“Even after 40 years in the fitness realm, I don’t think I ever could have imagined the change and level of progress.”
“Scott makes the science and physiology easy."
"I have been working with Scott for 4 years... I look and feel my best and can operate at 150%... A genius in their profession."
“Scott Fishman is a passionate, committed coach who is focused on integrity and excellence."
“Scott makes the science and physiology easy."
“I've seen significant improvement physically and mentally..."

Scott's Story

Growing up with “a vertical jump similar to the length of my size 13 Jumpman sneakers and average athleticism,” Coach Scott Fishman would pray every night.

His prayer:

God, please do as much as you possibly can to maximize my chances of playing basketball at the University of North Carolina.” 

Golf was Coach Scott Fishman’s natural sport, but that came easy for him. 

Coach Scott Fishman grew up in New York in one of the best public school systems. Still, he was an underdog as “No one came out of my high school and played at UNC.”

Hoop Dreams

Coach Fishman was far from a high major Division I prospect. Still, he developed into an athlete that can play Division II or Division III ball through his tireless pursuit of workouts to run faster and jump higher.

In the winter, he would “hustle by shoveling snow and then reinvesting that money into VCR tapes and DVDs from coaches and trainers.

The school janitor used to open the door for him after school hours, and he even used his brother’s driver’s license to get a local gym membership and hire a trainer. 

Scott started to truly embrace shooting baskets as a way to deal with the anxiety and stresses of seeing a dream slip away day by day.

The haters and doubters were all around. But it only fueled his dream of eventually becoming a professional basketball player as well as a marathon runner. 

After breaking his arm as a high school senior, he felt ” devastated” until his doctor told him, “you are done for the season.” 

The athlete’s ultimate nightmare.


Most people would give up and use this as an excuse, not Scott, he was reinvigorated.

It was the perfect challenge that god delivered and he had a new sense of purpose as his tears turned into immediate action.

He drove straight to the health food store with my mother.

That day, he began a disciplined goal setting, health, fitness, wellness, nutrition, and visualization regimen.

He healed what his doctor told him was an eight-to-twelve-week fracture in three-and-a-half weeks. 

The doctor called it a “miracle,” but Scott Fishman was thinking to himself, “If I could heal my arm in less than half the time, just think of how the right mindset could make me a better athlete.”

This moment of insight began his lifelong research into injury prevention, sports psychology, human performance, coaching, training, mindfulness exercises, and strategies for maximizing success in athletics (and in life).

Coach Fishman started coaching local elementary, middle & high school basketball players in his parent’s driveway.

Like with his own workouts, his coaching was open during “rain or shine.”

He later installed fire torches around a baskeball hoop to extend his coaching hours for the athletes he was guiding through workouts.


One of his favorite coaching memories was when he lead an underdog youth team to a championship, and the players doused him with water.

It was at that moment, at another basketball camp, where Coach Scott Fishman realized his love for coaching and further solidified his innate passion for defying odds.

Still, even operating at 99% peak performance didn’t seem to be enough. Rejected, first from University of Wisconsin (a top 10 team) and then from University of Miami (a top 25 team) college basketball team, things seemed bleak for a time.

Scott understood what it took to attain athletic peak performance.

His soon to be college roommate Devin Harris left school after being drafted as the #5th pick in the NBA Draft.

Later, his classmate Jack McClinton became one of the best 3-point sharpshooters and was also drafted into the NBA


Scott Fishman would not give up. It wasn’t about making a career out of pro sports.

It was merely about how his childhood idol Michael Jordan would regularly say:

“Just try and become best you can become.”

Or the famous quote by Coach John Wooden that he displayed in his yearbook:

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best you are capable of becoming.”

He was smart enough to know that a long career as a professional basketball player was simply not in his cards.

For him, it was about “refusing to let myself live with the regrets of not putting in my best effort.”

It sure helped when he was at 100% and earned a pro contract.


Finally, after trying out at numerous professional basketball combines across the country, he was given a contract with the Virginia Wolverines of the Eastern Basketball Association (EBA).

The dream had come true shortly after his “one more try” decision and caught fire hitting three-pointers from everywhere.

The 6’1 guy with no hops and no speed was a professional basketball player. 

He also played a season for the North Jersey Pros in the American Basketball Association (ABA).

But it wasn’t the playing in a game that fulfilled him the most.

In fact, it was a taste of pro sports that made him not like it very much. It was about “me and not we.”

It was about the “bottom line” and padding your statistics to try and earn more money. It was NOT about the team concept of working together to achieve a shared goal that he loved most. 

Scott assisted two of his very talented, athletic basketball friends Akeem Comas and Paul Arthur, also sign pro contracts.

It was through helping friends achieve their dreams that reignited his early desire to coach, which began at his first job, hired as a basketball coachby his mentor, New York State Basketball Hall of Famer Jack Kaminer.

At that moment, Coach Fishman realized that if he could do it, perhaps he could inspire others to be their absolute best, too.


During this relentless pursuit of his goals and dreams, Coach Scott Fishman founded AllWorldU, originally called Team All-American, a custom training and coaching company.

The focus was simple:

Help people maximize their performance through custom training programs and coaching services.

Whether it’s a professional athlete or fitness enthusiast, his training methodology and coaching motto is simple:

“Hard. Smart. Consistent.”

He even wrote a book on this same topic.


To enhance his coaching and training, he visited a career coach.

He later created an online platform by utilizing personalized technology and one-on-one customized training programs.

Today, Scott Fishman coaches all types of people through an online coaching platform that he created.

Coach Scott Fishman has helped hundreds of athletes on six continents, including collegiate and professional athletes, accomplish athletic fetes and marathons. 


Recently, Coach Scott Fishman came back to the sport he loves.

In two years, Coach Fishman has accomplished the following feats:

  • Won 90% of games coached 
  • Back-to-back 20 win seasons
  • AAAAA state championship game

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